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Receive Faxes Directly To Your E-Mail

Tired of receiving and having to deal with reams of paper, unwanted faxes, fading thermal paper and filing?

Get your own FREE Fax2Email number right now!*

Receive/Send faxes direct to your e-mail.
  • No hardware or software.
  • No special training.
  • No in-house IT department to support the service.

For 086
Get your own FREE fax2email number, click here. RECEIVING: Receive faxes at no cost*
NB! The sender will be charged at 086 premium rates.
SENDING: This service is not offered

For 087
Get your own FREE fax2email number and receive faxes at no cost, click here.
NB! The sender will be charged standard Telkom rates.


For 087
Should you wish to send faxes using a 087 number, please download application form here.

For porting/using a Telkom number
Should you wish to send and receive faxes using a 010 xxxx xxx, 011 xxxx xxx, 012 xxxx xxx, etc number, please download application form here.

Notice Board

  • We aware that we are having problems with the online shop, we are working to resolve these issues, and ask that you visit our other shop at http://sadiaries.co.za/ to purchase your product.

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